Insurance for Grab’s pricing surge during rainy days now a real thing in Singapore

Pay for a rainy day

Grab too expensive on rainy days? Now there’s Droplet insurance

Forget about saving for a rainy day, because now you might actually save more when you pay for a rainy day.

At least that’s what NTUC Income’s brainchild Droplet aims to provide – by guessing if it will actually rain when you need a ride.

Droplet is a new insurance scheme that promises to pay for up to 60% of your Grab fare on a rainy day, which could go as high as $50 or more per trip.

How It Works

Users can pick out and pay for the dates they wish to be insured and this can be useful for important dates such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays, important meetings, etc.

When it really rains on coverage days, users can simply submit their claim by sending Grab’s e-receipt to an email address, after which Droplet will reimburse via PayNow.

There’s a maximum 30-day period users can choose to cover and a minimum 2-day with prices fluctuating depending on the weather forecast. The highest premium users can expect to pay is $9.60 per day.

Currently, Droplet only covers JustGrab and GrabCar (Economy, Plus and Premium) rides but have plans to expand their coverage to other forms of transport in the future.

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Droplet also has a claim cap of $50, meaning the insurance covers fares up to $83 before the cap hits which isn’t likely to happen even on the craziest surges.

According to Droplet’s fun fact, it rains 167 days per year in Singapore, that’s 45% of the year. Like it or not, Grab’s pricing surge won’t be going anywhere but at least with Droplet, it just might be a saving grace for those who need it when it rains.

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Rain fun fact: It rains an average of 167 days of a year in Singapore 🌧

Posted by on Wednesday, 12 September 2018

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