Cleaning powder from Korea ‘Gong100’ claims to renew your washer’s drum like never before

Sold millions in Korea

Gong100 Washer Cleaning Powder

Once in a while, we come across brands claiming their products have magical cleaning properties.

Gong100 or Gong Baek is a Korean brand that specialises in household cleaning agents and has recently gone viral in the country on a live TV show showing how its product transforms a dirty washer drum looking like new.

According to the company, they have since sold over 3 million units with tens of thousands of raving reviews online.

For most of us that do our laundry daily, we only see the inside of the drum but gunk and dirt could be accumulating in areas we can’t see, particularly at the exterior of the drum.

Gong100 claims their cleaning powder’s surfactants are able to dissolve oil and grease much better than conventional cleaners, removing dirt from dead corners in the machine.

Gong100 products are also free of harmful chemicals such as brighteners, paraben, bleach, triclosan, etc.

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Can’t wait to give it a go? You can now find Gong100 products including the washer cleaning powder ($19.90 for a pack of 4) from this Qoo10 seller.

Gong100 suggest using it every month and there are instructions from the listing, although you could also wait for your machine’s drum clean cycle to light up.

Buy from Qoo10 now

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