Starbucks China has ultra-adorable Alpaca & Animal-themed Merchandise we can only envy

Flying to China now

Starbucks China newly launched limited edition Alpaca Collection

Start looking for friends in China.

Starbucks China has just launched a new collection inspired by alpaca and animals including raccoon, squirrel, hamster and sloth that are way too adorable not to buy once you have stepped into their merchandise area.

Alpaca Mugs & Tumblers

The Alpaca ones are probably the most popular.

Here’s one that you can use as a tea stirrer.

There’s also the cup lid.

And magnet coasters.

So cute.

Remember the Starbucks Cat Paw Cup that had Chinese fans fighting for them?

Starbucks in China has a new Cat-Paw Cup that is driving fans and collectors crazy. You can even buy it on Taobao now

Now there’s the Alpaca version of it.

It comes with cloud lid which also doubles as a drying base.

There’s more…

Besides Alpaca, there are a number of animal-themed tumblers and mugs up for grabs as well.

This double-walled tumbler with an ice cream cone design has what looks like a hamster on it.

This raccoon mug can eve hold your phone or act as a mini tripod for selfies.

You can change swap the top of this tumbler with your favourite animals or Alpaca.

Also available: Matching stirrers with interchangeable animal heads

This mini 89ml animal mug set makes excellent espresso cups for coffee lovers.

Just when you think that’s the end of them…

Candy and rainbow-coloured mugs and tumblers to brighten up your day

Pretty sure will go broke if we buy them all.

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