7-Eleven S’pore selling $2 Ondeh Ondeh Pocket Sandwich with molten palm sugar filling

Coated in grated coconut

Local-inspired Ondeh Ondeh Pocket Sandwich now available in 7-Eleven stores in S’pore

7-Eleven Singapore has just released new Japanese dishes and snacks which include Oyakodon, Omusoba (Omelette with yakisoba) and even a Japanese Curry Chicken with Rice.

They are priced between $4.20 and $4.90 and is available at the 24-hour convenience stores islandwide.

Here’s a quick look at what’s available.

Oyakodon ($4.50)

Omusoba ($4.20)

Japanese Curry Chicken with Rice ($4.90)

Onigiri ($2.00 – $2.20)

Choose from:

  • Chicken Katsudon
  • Sakura Ebi
  • Smoked Duck Shiso
  • Soba Meshi

Ondeh Ondeh Pocket Sandwich

Besides the new Japanese fare you can enjoy anytime, there’s also a new snack inspired by local flavours – Ondeh Ondeh Sandwich Pocket.

Available at a promotional price of $2 each (U.P. $2.30), the new snack looks like a flattened form of the ondeh ondeh snack which also comes with molten palm sugar filling and coated with grated coconut on the outside.

Sure looks yummy.

The promotional price will be available till 22 June, or while stocks last.

H/T: Top featured image by 7-Eleven Singapore and Butterkicap.

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