KFC Thailand launches ‘Fried Chicken’ Incense Sticks with scent inspired by 11 spices because CNY

You can't buy it though

Fried Chicken-scented incense sticks, anyone?

Believe it or not, there’s such a thing as fried chicken incense sticks.

KFC Thailand CNY Promotion

That’s right – KFC Thailand has gone a little bonkers with their marketing this festive season and decided to launch Fried Chicken Incense Sticks that, you guessed it, smell exactly like KFC’s signature fried chicken when lighted.

According to KFC Thailand’s description, the new incense sticks comes with a scent inspired by the Colonel’s secret recipe derived from 11 herbs and spices which produce an irresistible aroma.

However, KFC Thailand won’t be selling these Fried Chicken Incense Sticks. Instead, they will be given away to selected netizens who had left comments on its social media channels.

While the giveaway might be KFC Thailand’s way of welcoming the Year of the Rabbit, some have wondered if the incense sticks are appropriate for celebrating the occasion since some of the photos uploaded look like a ritual setup for the Ghost Festival.

KFC Thailand has since deleted some of the questionable photos, although a video still remains.

Whichever the case, it is still an interesting take on the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations and we doubt anyone will be complaining when they eventually win these fried chicken incense sticks.

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