Fragrance Bak Kwa has Crispy MILO Pork Floss Snack you probably didn’t know, says it tastes like candy

Say what now

Bet you didn’t know MILO pork floss snacks are a thing in S’pore

Popular barbecue pork slice (bak kwa) retailer Fragrance has recently launched a new snack that made us double-check our calendars.

Crispy MILO Pork Floss Tots

Nope, April Fools’ Day is still a while away but believe it or not, the Crispy MILO Pork Floss Tots is now a thing in Singapore. In fact, it’s been around for some time since its launch back in July last year.

For some reason, Fragrance Bak Kwa thinks it’s a good idea to combine MILO with pork floss. Don’t need to second guess, it’s really the chocolatey and malty goodness we drink for breakfast and tea breaks.

According to bak kwa company, these pork floss tots are roasted and mixed with MILO, resulting in a chocolate-flavoured snack that tastes just like candy.

Yummy and nutritious

It’s also pretty nutritious since it now contains a balanced amount of protein, carbs, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals in a treat that pops easily into the mouth.

While fans are surprised by the uniquely-Singapore product, most are willing to give it a try since it combines the best of both worlds.

Fragrance says they are running low on stocks on it so if you can’t wait to try them, be sure to drop by a store soon or order it online here at $16 per 210g can.

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H/T: Top featured image via Fragrance Bak Kwa and Flo Yeow on Google Maps.

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