MistR is a credit-card sized cologne spray you can bring everywhere

Now you can smell good wherever you go


Your regular perfume or cologne bottles won’t fit your bags or briefcase, and it’s downright embarrassing to carry one around all the time but in an exceptionally hot country like Singapore, sweat is the last thing you want lingering on your clothes.

These three Australians behind MistR gets it, by combining the discreteness and convenience of a cologne in your wallet, bag or pocket. At just 6.5mm thick, MistR is as slim as a fragrance spray can get plus not forgetting it is totally refillable and reusable for everyday use. Refilling MistR is easy too, simply pop away the cap of your fragrance bottle to expose the stem and replenish away (see video below).

Available for pre-order on Kickstarter at US$33 a piece (plus US$10 shipping to SG), MistR should keep those embarrassing moments away, well until you eventually forget to refill it.

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