Remix OS for PC will be available for download later this month


We featured the Remix Mini a while back when it launched on Kickstarter, which is a very small desktop computer that runs on a customised Android OS made by ex-Google engineers. The project has been well-received and praised for bringing Android OS close to a full-fledged desktop software with features such as multi-tasking, high (up to 4K) resolution display and its ease of use with a keyboard and mouse.

The company behind this Jide Technology has just announced on CES, a consumer technology exhibition which takes place annually in January at Las Vegas, that they will be bringing Remix OS to the PC sometime this mid-January. This essentially means anyone can download Remix OS for and install it on Intel-based PCs and even some Macs for free and according to the company, you can also use Remix OS for PC on a flash drive, preferably USB 3.0 with 8GB space and at least 20MB/s transfer speeds.

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The downloadable version is likely to be Remix OS 2.0 on its first release, you can take a sneak peek at its features from the video below.

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