Cook better with a smoother and lighter cast iron Field Skillet

The cast iron pan redesigned


Cast iron skillets are prized for its heat retention but are traditionally made with a rough and pebbled finish due to its manufacturing process, making it harder to clean and reducing cooking efficiency. The Field Company takes that tradition, redesign it with a modern twist, making it smooth.

If you hate scrubbing the day away with your cast iron cookware, the machined and polished Field Skillet is the last pan you will ever need in your kitchen. The company has also made it lighter yet retaining its firmness. It comes with a beautiful ergonomic handle and well-seasoned so you won’t need to leave it oiled when it arrives.


Pre-order one at US$90 in its Kickstarter run, however shipping will set you back a hefty additional US$65. We think it’s still worth it, granted the pan can last a lifetime as claimed.

Pre-Order from Kickstarter

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