The Rafino gadget will make your coffee grinds more consistent

For the perfect cuppa every morning


Bitter mornings? You might be grinding your coffee wrong. According to the creators of Rafino, coffee bean grinders just can’t produce consistent grinds, resulting in grinds that are coarse or simply too fine, which makes your coffee tastes bitter due to over-extraction.

[[perfectpullquote] align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Goes beyond best grinders to deliver consistent coffee grind.[/[perfectpullquote]]

Rafino is a nifty gadget for coffee aficionados. Use your everyday grinder and then after that give the grind a good shake in Rafino to filter out those unwanted grinds. By doing that, you get the perfect grind that will deliver great tasting coffee.


The only complaint, if any, is getting around the excess grinds. Apart from simply discarding, you probably have to find ways to deal with them though Rafino did suggest re-purposing them for baking, cooking, cleaning or even gardening.

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Depending on how fine you wish to sieve your coffee grinds, Rafino comes in a package of 2 to 8 sieves (200 to 1,000 microns) and its price starts from US$50 and an additional US$15 for shipping to Singapore.

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