Weekend’s coming but let’s watch this LEGO Train go round the house

50 looooong meters of LEGO tracks

We wished the trains here would run as smoothly as this video (sorry, had to do it). If you are a train fanatic, especially the ones made by LEGO, this video will make your eyes gleam with envy.

Uploaded by TrainGuy 659, so aptly named, and captured using a GoPro action camera strapped to it, you get to see in first-person view as the train navigates through the house, into the garden and then back. The video rolls for more than 3 minutes and god knows how long TrainGuy and his friends took to get this ridiculous gig up and running.

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It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though, unquestionably not with a setup this long and complex. TrainGuy included a blooper video consolidating all the glitches where the train runs into fallen tracks, train crashes, a frog encounter and disturbances from a giant cat.

Still, it’s clearly a lot of fun to watch but the fails are even better. ;)

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