This Waterproof Adhesive Tape will protect your kitchen walls, corners and crevices

Mid-creased so you can fold it 90 degrees


Silicon can only last so long when they are laced along your kitchen stoves, sinks and wall/tabletop crevices. Adding an additional layer of silicon doesn’t always work so here’s a solution that keeps those gaps in check.

The Waterproof Adhesive Tape is designed with a middle crease so that you can fold it along 90-degree walls or uneven surfaces and it is made from waterproof PVC material, keeping things neat and water/gravy free where you need it. Not limited to just the kitchen, you can too use the same tape in bathrooms, balconies or wherever you want to keep things dry.

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Each unit is 320cm long and starts from $10.90 with discounts when you purchase more on Groupon. It’s only available in white and if you have a kitchen with a darker theme, this tape will unfortunately, stand out quite a bit.

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