McDonald’s have just re-invented the Drinking Straw

No, really. They did.

McDonald’s (in USA) has just come up with some genius marketing material or they could have really made a breakthrough.

Quite possibly the last thing that needs to be reinvented, McDonald’s have introduced a new kind of drinking straw. Yes, you heard us right, a re-engineered straw. Apparently, the new J-shaped snorkel designed by a team of aerospace and robotic engineers is supposed to suck two different layers of flavours at the same time, although the Shamrock-infused Shakes which the straw will supposedly work in isn’t available here just yet.

This isn’t a joke at all, in case you believed it is. McDonald’s USA is actually rather serious about the new straw and plans to release it at selected outlets in the country couple weeks from now.

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McDonald’s re-engineered Drinking Straw in box

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