3 Online Websites & Ideas to Shop for Baby Shower Gifts

Over the recent Easter holidays, I received news from 3 of my friends on their new-born. Congratulations!

Indeed, it’s a joyful celebration but that means the need to shop for 1st month gifts! No offence towards anyone, but for someone single and who do not visit the children’s department unless required, I’m at a loss on present-hunting!

Thankfully, I sprang upon a few online sites that offer children-related gifts, specially for the cute little ones and for givers who want minimal hassle.

Baby’s 1st Cake
If you want to give a cake but not have it eaten and easily forgotten, you may want to visit Baby’s 1st Cake or drop by their Facebook page for updates.  The lady boss personally “bakes” diaper cakes for her customers. Most of the time, her customers will drop her an email with their requests, eg. Gender, budget, preference on any specific cartoon character or items. I have once ordered a diaper cake from her and because I wanted to skip the process of selecting items, I gave her the flexibility to purchase products of her preference and this was what she came up with based on a $80 budget.

Measurements of Diaper Cake:
height: 40cm
base: 28cm

1 soft toy
1 bib
1 baby blanket
1 leg warmer
1 hairclip
2 rompers
2 pairs of socks
32 diapers

Photo courtesy of Baby’s 1st cake

Not only did the parents of the baby girl appreciate the creative present with a variety of items, I am being told that their girl hugs the Care Bear soft toy to sleep every night too. Works for both the old and young, perfect gift! Moreover, it is actually not very costly. Imagine purchasing a clothes set off the department store at $40+. With just another $20, you might be getting twice the items and a delightful surprise and attention for your gift too. Why not!

Customers are advised to order 2 weeks in advance or earlier to avoid disappointment as the lady boss can be so busy that she has to reject orders. That would be a pity because not only does she try to avoid replicas in her designs, she may add in items for the mummy upon request too! With all honesty, my ex-colleagues surprised me with a diaper cake as a farewell gift too. Look at the amount of ingredients used to “bake” the cake!

The items were bought by my ex-colleagues for the lady boss to piece it together. It’s amazing! I bet they have set a benchmark for farewell gifts! This is an exceptional case where a cake was baked for an adult so if you have the intention to get one for an adult too, my suggestion would be for you to speak to the lady boss in advance so that you will know if you are able to secure a deal through Baby’s 1st Cake. Good luck!

Cake Love Couture
If you are keen to give an edible cake, I recommend Cake Love Couture. Just look at the delicious goodies they baked for their customers. Drooling already?

Photos courtesy of Cake Love Couture

I quote Cake Love Couture “A luscious collection of stylish confectionery made with love…”. This is bear in mind each time they create a cake for their customers. I always believe that food will taste its best if it is cooked with love so I guess there is truth in this saying. It not only satisfies one’s stomach but to win the heart of someone, cooking is an option. Of course, with edible dishes!

Prices for their cakes vary and if you visit their Facebook page, you will not be able to see any price tags for any of their creations. However, feel free to enquire about the cost as they will be more than happy to private message you the price. Personally, I find some cakes slightly above the cost of a normal cake you can purchase from a bakery but for the personalization, unique designs and a memorable celebration, spending a few more pennies will be worth it. Trust me, your guests will be impressed and it will delight the day just because of a pretty cake.

Cake Love Couture conducts baking classes for their customers too. Topics range from tier-cakes to cupcakes to 3D sculpture etc. Seats are snapped up fast due to its popularity so if you are interested to polish your baking skills, this is a good opportunity to do so. Do not allow price to override your interest!

Apparels for kids these days is Vogue in their little world. I am impressed by how fashionable some of their dresses or jackets can be in the market now. Hence, whenever I pass by the kids’ section, I will be tempted to check if it has my size. For all you know, there is and you will not even realise that it is from the kids department!

The only problem with purchasing clothes for the little ones is cost. Many people claim that it is a waste to spend tons of money on their apparel because they will grow out of it within a short while. I am guilty of this too but because of the fancy designs, I searched online for an alternative and found Kiddaholics.

New in the market this year, they offer affordable and trendy kids apparel. Some of my favourites are as reflected below.

Photos courtesy of Kiddaholics

Look at how pretty and suave the above selections are! There’s even a Sarah Jessica Parker inspired dress! Each for not more than $30!

Kiddaholics work on a pre-order basis so do keep a lookout for their new offers and bag it quick if you need to get a baby shower gift. They offer international shipment services too and delivery time is estimated between 4 to 12 working days, depending on the country zone. This shopping portal is useful for givers who want to avoid hitting the kids department in the mall.

Mother’s Day is approaching, so Daddies and Mummies, buy your babies a little something to celebrate the blessing you received from your gifted child. Afterall, they are the reason why you are a parent. Happy shopping and lastly, Happy Mother’s Day!

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