[COTW] Cards Of The Week – Hidden Discounts When Shopping At IT Show

Looking at the past IT Shows sale volume, each show, it will rake up at least S$50million worth transaction. If you are one of those frequent shoppers who spree during these consumer-based IT shows, you need to know what, on a rough calculation, a total of  S$0.25million (or S$250,000.00) can be gained back through rebates – using simple calculation of 0.5%. That worth around 100 sets of MacBook Air 13″ with upgrade of processor along with a nice carry bag. Or, maybe approximately 50,000 cups of coffee from Starbucks.

So if you are going to spend big in this IT show, I will recommend you to use the following cards.


Standard Chartered Manhattan Card

For this Manhattan Card, you will be entitled up to 5% cash back rebate if your total spending is above S$3,000 for the month. Other tier of spending-rebate entitlement will be:

$1,000 to $2,999 entitled 1% cash back rebate
$1 to $999 entitled 0.5% cash back rebate

 The card will be a good use for big spending month as you will be able to hit the 5% rebate mark easily. However, do take note that there is a cap of $200 per quarter.


Citibank Dividend Card

For this Dividend Card, you will be entitled 0.5% cash rebate under its ‘other spendings’ category.

Well, this card is actually more targeted for people to spend on petrol and dining. The higher rebates can only be achieved if you spend on those categories.

Nevertheless, it is still a good card to use if you have already own it. But take note that the rebate cap for this Dividend Card will be at $800 per year (quite similar to Manhattan Card).


We know that big discounts will be awaiting for our arrival at the show. With careful usage of cards, we will get even more value through “hidden discounts”. Alright folks, now, let’s go shopping!

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