[AOTW] App Of The Week: Buffet Mania

This week AOTW goes to a local app, and as the name suggests Buffet Mania is an app on buffets in Singapore. Except it is actually more than that.

I liked to think that most of us would wind up in a buffet restaurant during weekend lunch or dinners a few of the 52 weeks a year, more for some less for others. We spoil ourselves with endless delicacies lining up before us, taking time to enjoy the sumptuous rounds of our favorites. It’s no rush hour but above all we definitely want a good deal to go along.

That’s where Buffet Mania becomes useful. Below are some unique benefits of the app worth highlighting:

  • Featured Buffet Restaurants – The first page of the app recommends a few restaurants to go to, can be useful if you want to randomly try out a new buffet place.
  • Promos & Prices – Perhaps the most vital information, Buffet Mania highlight the credit cards that you can use at the restaurant to enjoy discounts. Adult and children dining prices are also displayed.
  • Discover Feature – Puts out a list of location specific restaurants, choose from areas like e.g. Orchard, Chinatown, Bugis, etc.
  • Blog – A quick and sometimes insightful read of Buffet’s Mania editors’ short reviews of the buffet restaurants they visited.

One of the few quirks when using this app is the lack of ability to turn off the monkey screaming (or laughing) upon launching it. If you ever find it, please do drop us a message. I get weird stares when I launch the app in public places. There are also cosmetic issues with the low resolution icons being pixelated although that doesn’t affect the app’s usability in any way; I’m just nitpicking. It would be good if the developers could also add a map to list out buffet restaurants near my location.

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All in all if you often run into a dilemma of suggesting a buffet restaurant to your family or friends on weekends, there’s a good chance Buffet Mania just might surprise you with a decent choice.

Update: Buffet Mania has updated us that the app does have a nearby feature, which you can find on the “Discover” tab by sliding to the right. That said, I still feel that a map feature would be more effective visually and useful.

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