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3 Metallic Projects @Kickstarter You Won’t Want To Miss


BAUHAUS: Titanium Keychain / Key Carabiner

Bringing on a new look to your boring keychain, BAUHAUS is a designer single continuous piece titanium lightweight keychain that doubles up as a bottle opener (K series). They are beautifully crafted and there are many ways you can utilize as a carabiner itself. Comes in stone-tumbled or hand-brushed finishing. Grab one soon, you have seven days left to decide.

We love the K series a little more over the rest, stone-tumbled is cool enough for us. Save some moolah for the rest of the projects below.

Piranha – Knotless Gear Tie. Fish Bone 2.0

This is an improved model over the last Fish Bone 1.0 which too had a good run previously on Kickstarter. A very useful utility gear you can use at home or outdoors, the Piranha is a stainless steel knotless gear that is somewhat like a hybrid of clip, carabiner and hook. There are practically infinite ways you can use this piece of light compact gear in many situations and they are extremely strong.

We recommend going for the Four of a Kind pledge at US$30 for best value and they come with a 50″ paracord.

Ti-Click PRO & Ti-Click RTS : Titanium Click Pen + Stylus

If you are big on writing and using your iPad or tablet and hate the hassle of switching between stylus and pen, Ti-Click might be the solution to your writing or drawing woes. The Ti-Click pens is made from titanium and houses more than 35 branded refills e.g. Mont Blanc, Fisher, Pilot, Zebra, etc. It features a simple design that comes in 3 colors and has the clicky feel we all love on our pens. Words can’t do this pen justice, watch the video at their kickstarter page for more information.

Tough choice to choose but we like the Ti-Click RTS in chrome. Early bird prices are gone on this one so you have to settle for the slightly costly pledge if you are interested.

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