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[Kickstarter] Jump Cable + Battery: Small Portable Charging Solution For Your Smartphone


Living in the technology age today is demanding: we’ve got our smartphones, tablets, laptops and we are literally lost without them. But what about that time you need to go lightweight but still want to stay connected on your smartphone throughout the day? You are stuck with that dilemma of bringing that unsightly battery pack, even though it’s not the heaviest or bulkiest thing in the world but it’s just a hassle. Ladies can have it easy, stashing it away in handbags but imagine guys with those bulging pockets.

Jump Cable by Native Union wants to solve that problem, by combining your smartphone cable with a battery pack in a small pocketable capsule. The hardware concept is nothing innovative per se, all they did was squeeze in a couple of custom lithium batteries into a cable management capsule. Yet that is exactly what works, taking away the hassle of managing multiple items to keep your device juiced when you need it. Jump’s unit batteries is rated at 800mAh, which will provide an additional 30% power on your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S4.


[[perfectpullquote]]Jump will intelligently make sure your smartphone gets fully charged first[/[perfectpullquote]]

The other thing we really like about Jump is their AutoCharge feature. While you might ask: Why not charge both the phone and Jump’s unit at the same time? The USB port on most laptops can at most churn out 1 ampere of power and to split that power between the two devices will cause both to charge really slowly. With AutoCharge, Jump will intelligently make sure your smartphone, which obviously is more critical, gets fully charged first before it starts accumulating that extra power.

Jump is available for US$40 a piece and an extra US$10 to ship to Singapore by May 2014. Although much more pricer than an average 2,000ish mAh battery pack, you get a much more portable cable and charging solution for your smartphone. We think it’s pretty reasonable but it’s really your call – Check out Jump Cable on Kickstarter today.

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