3 New Books Recommended For The Generalist & Inquisitive Men


If you have been following xkcd.com for a while, you are probably into mishmash of science, maths, comics and humour. Randall Munroe is a former NASA roboticist and has since attracted millions of visitors a month to his webcomic blog. What if? is a book that compiles the strange questions he has answered seriously and scientifically over the years. Guarantee to be an eye-opener for most, you can pre-order this one on Amazon now.


You might already know that drinking beer can be good for your health, and this has been somewhat proven. What you might not know is there are in fact beers that are worth keeping and Vintage Beer shows you how to identify a cellar-worthy beer, what to look for when tasting vintage beers, and the fascinating science behind the ageing process. The author also includes a comprehensive buying guide to help you select already-aged beers.


They say grown men don’t cry but nothing can be further from the truth with this book – Poems That Make Grown Men Cry is filled with moving poems that has tear-jerked even the famous gentlemen of our era. If you are looking to draw some inspirations for your next piece of story or writing, or perhaps just curious to what these poems are all about, you won’t be disappointed with this book for sure.

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