EO1 Is A Beautiful HD Digital Art Photo Frame For Your Walls

Available for pre-order on Kickstarter now


Plain walls are boring, hence we hang art we love or portraits of our lives but sometimes we simply can’t find something more interesting when we eventually got bored. Living in the internet era, we come across brilliant artworks and designs from artists all over the world time to time; especially from art & design social networks such as Behance, Dribbble, Pinterest, etc. The dilemma is you can download and appreciate them online but it’s all over once you turn off your computers.

Electric Objects is a startup that wants to keep those digital art and photos around the house even when you turn off your devices with their high-definition digital photo frame called EO1. Launched on Kickstarter earlier this month, the EO1 looks just like any wall photo frame but in fact consists an actual mini computer with a 1Ghz processor, 2D/3D graphic accelerators, 23″ anti-glare 1080p display, 2GB flash storage and WiFi + Bluetooth LE that will connect to an Android or iOS app wirelessly, enabling you to change the display art and photos on the fly, including animated gifs, and javascript based visualisations.

The EO1 has spawn positive reactions from the eager buyers, racking in over half a million USD on Kickstarter with less than 10 days to go and in the meantime attracting artists to join in their community. Be warned though, the EO1 isn’t cheap so prepare to fork out US$299 (est~ S$371.22) for a single EO1 unit and an additional US$100 (est~ S$124.15) shipping each. Production and delivery is estimated to happen in May 2015 and the pledge options available are pre-order Kickstarter pricing; the actual retail will cost almost two times the current price. Price aside, keep in mind that with the EO1 you probably won’t have to keep changing paintings and avoiding the hassle of physically printing/framing your favourite photos ever.

[[perfectpullquote]]EO1’s power cord is an unsightly distraction[/[perfectpullquote]]

Electric Objects has created an expensive yet familiar product that seems to make economic sense if you frequently shop for art or paintings online and offline, plus they have also partnered up with a couple library and museum to bring masterpieces into your living room digitally. The only complain we have is that unsightly power cord (option of black or white) that inevitably sticks out of the frame, which is perfectly fine if you place it on your table or manage to find a way to hide it, but chances are it is going to be a very visible distraction if you hang it on a big empty wall. That is of course, unless you can live with that and its pricetag.

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