Hanx Writer Is American Actor Tom Hanks Typewriter App For iPad

“With Hanx Writer, you’ll hear the rhythm of your work with SHOOK SHOOK or FITT-FITT.” – Tom Hanks


Whenever we hear or read about some celebrity releasing an app, it is usually promotional like some biography app or one that isn’t particularly useful. Tom Hanks is no stranger to most, almost a household name the well-loved American actor is well known for his roles in box office smashing movies such as Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, The Green Mile and many more. He isn’t just a good actor, Tom loves to write too (he written Band of Brothers) and more specifically type and is an avid collector of typewriters.

Yes. Those heavy retro typewriters that spring and hammers the paper with ink ribbons to create text. So when he teamed up with Hitcents, a software development company to create Hanx Writer typewriter app for iPad, we just had to try it out ourselves. If you have worked on a typewriter before, you will be pleasantly surprised how close this app mimics one. That vintage typewriter font and the old-timey noises that it produces makes one reminiscent the nostalgic 60s where typewriters rule the world.

[[perfectpullquote]]Hanx Writer recreates the experience of a manual typewriter[/[perfectpullquote]]

Of course with a modern touch, where deleting is easier yet not that easy; you can’t hold that delete key. Changing the orientation of the iPad to portrait mode let’s you preview what you have written like pieces of paper. You could also export your masterpiece to PDF formats, email or print them on the fly. There’s are in-app purchases where you can buy other looks and feel of typewriters, fonts and backgrounds but the stock app that is free to download on App store is perfectly usable, even with just the iPad keypad. Connecting to a wireless keyboard should provide an even better experience though. Almost too good to be true.

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Don’t take our word for it, give Hanx Writer a shot on your iPad and it just might take your writer’s block away.

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