LEGO Terminates Partnership Contract with Shell after Controversial Greenpeace Video

Grab those LEGO collectibles from Shell stations while they last


Yesterday we featured LEGO’s F1 collectibles at all Shell stations and today LEGO announced that they are terminating their partnership with Shell because of this Greenpeace video.

Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organisation that seeks to protect the environment and promote peace, and the long story short is that Greenpeace created this imaginative and now viral video titled Everything is NOT awesome to campaign against Shell plans of drilling oil in the arctic, which an oil spill could result in devastating effects on the Arctic’s wildlife and ecosystem, prompting LEGO to re-think its partnership with Shell since it is in LEGO’s policy to leave a better world for children and have a progressive environment.

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Chances are you won’t find LEGO and Shell collaboration pieces anymore in the future, but the choice is definitely yours whether or not to support Greenpeace movement.

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