Find the Murderer in Adobe Photoshop Halloween Mystery PSD

So who killed Professor Photoheim?


Calling all Photoshop experts to find who murdered Professor Photoheim. As part of the Halloween celebration from Adobe Photoshop Facebook page, they have provided a large PSD file and in it contains the murder scene filled with clues. Open up the file in your Photoshop and start searching for hints that will help solve the crime.

The Photoshop Facebook mystery post is already filled with evidences and guesses but seems like nobody has solve the crime yet so if you don’t want any spoilers be sure not to visit it until you have solve it yourself. No prizes (but who knows) for solving this internet crime, only a satisfying moment you can bragged about your Photoshop skills on.

Can’t figure it out? Adobe is releasing more clues at 1am Singapore time tonight (Saturday).

Download PSD


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