ANZ Optimum World MasterCard lets you earn 5% cash rebates on anything you want

Cashback on practically everything

ANZ Singapore has just announced a new Optimum World MasterCard credit card that offers rebates on everything, a respectable 5% of your spending. There’s a condition though – you can only choose one of the 4 categories (Dining & Leisure, Travel, Shopping or Groceries) every quarter of the year.

CategoryYou can use in...
Dining & LeisureRestaurants, Bars, Hotels and Cinemas
TravelAirlines, Travel Agencies and Online Travel Portals
ShoppingFashion Boutiques and Online Fashion Stores

Which means you can only redeem cash rebates from a single category of spending within a quarter, which isn’t so convincing per se but if you, for example, travel often during the end of the year or do groceries from different supermarkets but can’t find a credit card that gives you decent cash rebates, this new ANZ credit card will make up for it. Additionally, anything else that you spend earns a 1% rebate if they don’t fall into any of the above categories.

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ANZ Optimum World Mastercard will also keep your wallets sane, since you can do away with rebate credit cards that only can be used in a single store or service. ANZ has also provided a webpage that lets you change the category for your credit card easily, but you will have to remember the submission cut-off dates.

You can sign up for the new credit card online or at an ANZ bank branch near you.

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