Pasteasy lets you copy/paste stuff between desktop and smartphones easily

Finally there's one that does it properly


Up until now there isn’t a quick way to copy text or images quickly from your smartphone to your desktop computer, the only way to do it is to open up an app e.g. Dropbox, wait for it upload and wait for it to sync back to your computer. It’s a hassle.

Pasteasy is a new app by Tinker that tries to solve this problem, neatly. It doesn’t send your data over the internet, only locally via WiFi and even hotspots, all encrypted. Once you have downloaded the app on both your smartphone and your computer, simply authenticate them via scanning a QR code and you are done. Everytime you copy text or image from your phone, it gets saved or copied onto your computer or vice versa, automatically.

There’s a need to fire up the app at times when we want to copy stuff, otherwise it just won’t work but Pasteasy is nice enough to let us know through a desktop taskbar icon – black colour means it isn’t connected, which is reasonable enough since you don’t want Pasteasy to be on all the time and accidentally copying important passwords or sensitive photos onto your devices.

Pasteasy does make time in front of our computers a little more productive, it’s priced at S$5.98 and is available for download on App Store and Google Play.

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