Watch this amazing drone video footage of the Antarctica

Simply breathtaking

Here’s a short video that will perk you up as we end the first day of this four-day workweek. Filmed on GoPro strapped to a DJI Phantom 2 Drone, Kalle Ljung spent 16 days in the Antarctic capturing some of the most stunning and beautiful aerial shots of the icy landscape.

The 8-minute video edited from a 250-minute compilation almost looks like it was captured on a helicopter. Kalle Ljung had just purchased the drone a few months before the expedition and spend a lot of time practising it, after which he still finds it nervous when navigating it through the sometimes snowy antarctic air.

It’s quite a task to travel to the Antarctica and though most of us wouldn’t even think about it, this video just might tingle your otherwise exploratory nature.

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