LifeStraw is an ultralight personal water filter you can take anywhere

Drink directly from puddles or streams


This nifty little gadget just might save your life in emergency situations. LifeStraw, as the name says, is a personal water filter that lets you drink clean filtered water from rivers, streams or just about anywhere where you can find water, even if they looked murky or dirty.

Skeptical? We are too, but do a quick search on Youtube and you will find videos of people using LifeStraw and drinking from unimaginable water conditions. LifeStraw features hollow-fiber membranes in the unseemingly stick that prevents contaminants larger than 0.2 microns from flowing through. More amazingly, LifeStraw stops you from drinking once it has hit the limit of 1,000 litres as the pores eventually become clogged with debris.

For travelers and outdoor seekers, this ultralight and compact gadget just might come in handy sometimes. No batteries required and right now, the entire LifeStraw family of products are available at a Gold Box Deal discount as much as 40% on Amazon till 3pm this Saturday, 25 July 2015.

We recommend keeping one LifeStraw Personal Water Filter in your bag if you can’t decide. At less than US$15 a piece, this really is by the far the most important lifesaver tool you won’t want to leave home without for serious adventurers.

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