Microsoft Windows 10 now available for download (or upgrade) for free

The start button and menu is back


It’s finally here – Windows 10.

What’s new you asked? Quite a few to be honest. The most critical one for most probably is the return of the start menu, no really it is. For the record, our editorial team stayed in 7 so that we won’t be overwhelmed with 8’s full-screen monstrosity.

Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Spotlight, Siri and Google Now, a personal digital assistant that a powerful search that takes in voice commands as well. Windows apps now run in universal mode across PC, tablet, phone and even Xbox One. Project Spartan is Windows 10 new state-of-the-art browser with a new rendering engine and a clean look similar to Google Chrome, plus the major feature to highlight and annotate websites.

We also know the term Continuum is Microsoft’s fancy way of saying windowed apps on desktop which automagically transition to touch-friendly on tablets. Gaming enthusiasts can now stream and record Xbox games to your PC or tablets, particularly useful feature especially if you hated split-screen multiplayer games on your TV (see demo video below at 44 secs).

Why should you upgrade now? Becuase if you have an existing Windows 7 and 8 installation on your desktop, Windows 10 upgrade will only be free for one entire year. Keep in mind you shouldn’t confuse this with “free use”. What the free upgrade here means is you get to use Windows 10 free forever, as long you update within a year from today.

If that notification on your taskbar still has yet to give you the green light to upgrade Windows 10, you can speed things up and download the upgrade or media creation tool directly from the official Microsoft Windows 10 download page.

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