PINE A64 is the world’s first S$25 64-bit Quad-Core Single-Board Computer

Goodbye Raspberry Pi...


We knew this was coming, supercomputing without the need of bulky heavy boxes, but what we probably didn’t expect was how affordable it has become. Let’s put our hands together and welcome PINE A64 – the world’s first quad-core supercomputer. It’s smaller than a dollar note and it only costs S$25 (not typo error).

Remember the Raspberry Pi that quickly gain popularity for its miniscule size, PINE A64 is similar just that’s it’s more powerful. A lot more powerful, in fact. It’s powered by an Allwinner quad-core 1.2GHz 64-bit processor with a graphics unit that surpass the capabilities of the original X-Box. What that means is, you can do a bunch of media-heavy stuff, play games and even the latest Android OS, something the Raspberry Pi has been struggling with.


 PINE A64 is expandable as well with add on accessories such as Bluetooth adapter, camera, sensors, Wi-Fi. It stores its boot disk on a removable MicroSD card capable of supporting up to 256GB. Updating, installing and swapping operating systems is as easy as removing the card and inserting a new one.

You can pre-order for one now on Kickstarter which starts at just US$15 before shipping (another US$12 to Singapore) for the basic model that comes with 512MB SDRAM and 4K resolution support out of the box. It goes up to US$89 where you will get the PINE A64+ with enclosure, comes with a 1GB SDRAM, preloaded with Android 5.1 OS, power supply and a 7″ LCD touch screen. Shipping dates varies depending on the model you pledge on.

Pre-order on Kickstarter

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