The Barisieur is an Alarm Clock & Bedside Coffee/Tea Brewer in one device

You know you want one


Dread getting out of bed to make your favourite cup of drip coffee every morning? Spend some money on this Kickstarter project and you will never have to.

The Barisieur looks exactly what’s it’s made to do. Set your alarm clock and when it goes off, your coffee or tea will be hot and ready for you. Granted that you keep the apparatus sanitary every now and then.

Within The Barisieur’s base is an induction hob that gets your water to a boil before travelling through a glass tube to the filter. The milk vessel, on the other hand, is cooled with a bespoke Peltier cooler so it doesn’t spoil overnight. You also get to set the pour time apart from the standard alarm clock functions and a small sealed drawer for grounded coffee, tea leaves and sugar.


What The Barisieur is all about.

As if it isn’t complex enough, there’s even a USB port located at the base to keep your phone charged while you work or sleep away.

The Barisieur is a beauty and looks like something you will see in a cyber-steampunk movie, which also means it won’t be cheap so what’s its pre-order price? A whopping £265 before delivery charges. The other bad news is it won’t ship until June 2017 so don’t expect to enjoy your bedside coffee machine anytime soon.

Pre-order on Kickstarter

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