uberPOOL – New Uber Carpooling Option to launch on July 1 this Friday

Sharing the journey with people to same destination


Getting into a crowded situation from point A to point B on public transport during peak periods might not be the best option to start the day, but you also hate the idea of paying too much for a ride.

Now you can make use of Uber’s latest option on their ride-sharing app – uberPOOL, taking ride-sharing a step further. Previously you can only catch a ride by yourself via UberX and that can get pretty costly during peak periods with their surcharge multipliers. With uberPOOL, now you have the option to share the ride with more passengers, meaning the cost gets divided between all passengers and at the same time the driver earns a little more = a win-win situation.

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uberPOOL will only match passengers that are heading in the same direction and they claim you will never be taken more than a few minutes out of your way regardless if you are the first or second passenger to the car. Using uberPOOL option also tells you how much you will save compare to UberX, so you can weigh your options.

uberPOOL launches this Friday, 1 July 2016. You will find the new carpooling option when you select UberX.

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