Polygons is an origami-like measuring spoon you never knew you needed

Keeps flat when you don't use it


This has got to be the coolest spoon we have ever seen.

At first glimpse, Polygons looks like a piece or art or something from the future with hieroglyphs scribbled on its surface. Created by award-winning designer Rahul Agarwal, Polygons is a flat 4-in-1 spoon that folds to the size you need depending on the section where you pick it up. Pinch the front and you get a half tablespoon while pulling it up on its end it measures two tablespoons.


When not in use, Polygons falls flat for easy storage or use it as a bookmark for your cookbooks in the kitchen. It also comes with premarked areas to let you know the volume you need. It also doubles (or triples) as a spatula when it is flat and easy to clean with a quick wipe.

It will probably become the most funded spoon on Kickstarter once it’s done, racking close to half a million dollars at the time of this writing. All early bird pledges are gone but you can still get yours starting from US$12 for one, shipping fee to Singapore is a reasonable US$4.

Sadly, spoon wonder won’t arrive before the holiday season. It will only ship early next year.

Pre-order on Kickstarter

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