The 3-second driving rule shown in this video could save your life

Why hasn't it gone viral?

Chances are you never gave it much thought on how close or further the distance you should keep from the vehicle in front.

This video on YouTube has been around for a couple of years and strangely hasn’t been shared quite enough. According to the video, we need around 1.5 seconds to notice the potential risk and another 1.5 seconds to react and step on the brakes. What that means is that you need to keep at least 3 seconds of safe distance and you can do a countdown with a marker such as a tree or a lamppost.

Drivers should also increase the time by a second during bad weather conditions or by two if driving an SUV. Truck or commercial drivers should have at least 6 seconds of driving distance.

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Know someone who drives, start sharing this video with them because it could save their lives.

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