With EZ-Pay, forgetting to put card in IU reader will be a thing in the past

No more fines forever

No more ERP fines with EZ-Pay

Forgetting to put your cash card into the IU Reader in your vehicle is probably the most frustrating thing when driving on the road. There’s no way to avoid a fine or any remedial to the situation, yet placing cards on the IU Reader when the vehicle is empty can lead to theft and damages.

That’s why everyone is still reluctantly paying those summons. Now with EZ-Pay, an initiative by EZ-Link, you will never kick yourself for forgetting. That’s because with EZ-Pay, motorists will be able to link their IU Reader to DBS/POSB and Citibank credit cards, thereby avoiding fines, top-ups or a need for any card in the reader.

If you are a motorist, simply register for EZ-Pay from the official website with your NRIC, car plate and credit card number. When you drive past an ERP gantry without a card or insufficient funds, the charges will be billed to you via your monthly credit card statement. Registered users will also be able to log on to EZ-Pay portal to check transactions.

Motorists can still choose to place cash card in their IU Readers even with the service, EZ-Pay will only take over when there are insufficient funds or when the card is not present.

According to EZ-Pay, acceptance of using the service for carparks in Singapore will also be made available at a later date.

Besides the convenience, there is no service fee for using EZ-Pay so there’s really no reason not to register.

Hooray for EZ-Pay! Say goodbye to ERP fines forever! ????

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Benefits of using EZ-Pay

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