Superman is missing in the new Justice League movie

Say what?

The new Justice League film – Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman

The official trailer of DC’s Justice League is finally here and if you have watched it already, you probably have lots of questions.

Superman is dead, or is he?

The first and most important one – Where’s Superman? Turns out the most important Justice League character is being left out since DoomsDay, the supervillain monster created by Lex Luthor killed him in this timeline.

However, at the 1.50 mark in the video, we can spot Lois Lane looking up into the sky – perhaps a sign of Superman’s return?

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Darkseid and Mother Boxes

The trailer also dropped hints on Mother Boxes (living computers) and according to the comics, one of them was used to heal Darkseid, the supervillain conqueror of Apokolips planet in the multiverse Fourth World. We won’t see much of Darkseid though (if any at all). Instead, one of Darkseid’s Elites, Steppenwolf will be the main badass in this movie.

Directed by Jack Synder, Justice League will be released worldwide on 17 November 2017.

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