7 reasons why you should keep TheLorry.com bookmarked forever

You never know when you need them

We have all been there. Relocating stuff from your home or office to a new location or disposing of bulky furniture or appliances. Calling friends for help would be the most affordable option, except when they are all too busy with their lives.

The next best option would be to look for movers or help from your fridge magnet or call one from the first result from the search engine, but then the question of reliability and trustworthiness leaves you with doubts.

Luckily for us, TheLorry is an uber-ised logistic service provider that seeks to solve that uncertainty. The company is founded by good folks across the straits and has since expanded to our lion city.

TheLorry works by connecting customers with their vendors through an online platform – Fill in a series of multiple choice questions and the date, make payment and your requested movers will be there when you need them. To put it simply, their goal is to make your moving/relocation experience a hassle-free and transparent one.

If you have read this far, you probably want to know more – below are 7 good reasons why you should keep TheLorry.com in your web browser’s favourites.

Easy to book

TheLorry.com website screengrab

All you have to do is go to the website, answer a few questions and that’s it! The same can also be said if you’re using the smartphone app.

There’s no longer a need to search and call numbers to find out if the movers are available for you. Plus, the huge network of lorry drivers under TheLorry means you will always have someone to book.

Instant Quotation

It takes a lot of effort and time to call movers and lorry drivers out there and end up with similar yet different prices. Naturally, you will choose the best deal.

TheLorry differentiates by giving you an instant quotation depending on the type of lorry you are renting, the distance to travel, and the additional services you may want.

Transparent Pricing

Compare to other lorry renting services, TheLorry offers the best rates with a clear breakdown of the items and services you required.

No surprises or extra charges, you only pay for what you need.

Bonus Discount: Enter promo code GDS10 when booking for moving services on TheLorry.com and enjoy 10% off your total bill!

Not Just Movers

TheLorry doesn’t just move stuff, they actually provide the manpower to help you pack them up if you need them to.

Choose Your Vehicle

Haven’t got that much to move? TheLorry is one of the first in Singapore to provide you with the option to hire either a lorry or a smaller van.


Just like how you are paranoid after ordering something online and obsessively tracking your item until it arrives at your doorstep, the service lets you track the movers carrying your things until they arrive safely at your new house.

A Fast-Growth Startup

TheLorry is a fast growing company in the midst of expanding their services and presence locally here in Singapore and the region. Which also means they will be making that extra effort to provide the best services.

You can take a look at their Facebook page here and see for yourself the response from the team when there’s a comment or complaint.

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Bonus Discount: Enter promo code GDS10 when booking for moving services on TheLorry.com and enjoy 10% off your total bill!

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