Google Stadia game-streaming platform could change gaming as we know now

Coming later this year

The Google Stadia Controller

Google has made its first big step in gaming and announced Stadia today – a new game streaming platform that will be launching later this year.

Unlike gaming today which requires the latest console or a PC with a decent video card, Stadia works differently with the hardware sitting on Google’s end and only delivering the actual gameplay via a live stream.

Google Stadia will run on any device that streams videos

Which also means you can play as long your device can stream videos, including your phone. Google demonstrated playing the latest graphic-intensive Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on few devices, including a desktop PC with entry-level hardware.

Here’s the announcement recap that perfectly explains what Stadia is all about.

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Stadia’s Release Date?

Google says Stadia is set to arrive later this year together with upcoming first-person shooter Doom Eternal which will run at 4K 60fps but there is no word on price, although it will likely be subscription-based.

It will launch in US, Canada, UK and Europe first.

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