After Giga!, M1 launches new SIM-only plan that offers 30GB data, 1,000 mins talktime & free-flow weekend data

There's also data passport for overseas data

Quick look at M1’s new SIM-only Plan (Photo: Collaged from M1)

A week ago, Starhub launched a new service called Giga!.

It offers mobile subscribers contract-free SIM-only plans with 25GB data per month, 1,000 minutes talktime + 1,000 SMSes, free incoming calls and SMS, free Caller ID and data rollover up to 2 months.

Starhub new Giga! service offers 25GB mobile data + 1,000mins talktime for only $25/month contract-free

M1 new SIM-only Plan

Announced yesterday, M1 scrapped its existing 19 plans to replace them with a new single SIM-only plan.

Similar to Giga!, the new plan which is also contract-free offers similar attractive perks which include:

  • 30GB data per month
  • 1,000 mins talktime
  • 1,000 SMSes
  • Free-flow weekend data
  • Free Caller ID
  • Unlimited free calls to 3 M1 numbers
  • Unlimited music streaming on Spotify
  • Free 1-month subscription for online registrations

According to M1, existing customers who are currently on MySIM³ plans (no-contract or 12-mth contract) can switch to the new SIM-only plan anytime with early termination charges waived.

No Free Incoming Calls

However, M1 new plan doesn’t have free incoming calls when compared to Giga!. In contrast, M1 offers unlimited streaming on Spotify and free-flow weekend data.

Depending on usage, M1 plan is more suitable for heavy data users while Giga! is tailored for users who demand a balance of calls and data.

Update: M1 has changed the details on their landing page and now includes free incoming calls for the SIM-only plan. Below is a screengrab of the new features.

M1 revised features for the SIM-only plan (Source: Screengrab from M1’s website)

M1 Data Passport

M1 SIM-only users will also be able to enable Data Passport on their line at $10 per month. However, do note there will be a data cap of 10GB from your data bundle during your travel, after that a $10/GB charges apply.

You can read more about it from the terms and conditions here.

In comparison, Giga! offers 1GB at $5 valid for 5 days. The roaming data, however, is calculated separately and won’t affect your local data bundle.

Again, depending on your travel length, Giga! is a better option for short trips e.g. Johor Bahru or weekend getaway but M1 Data Passport will be more economical for longer trips e.g. 10 to 20-day vacations.

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