This Facebook post shows us how to order Economical Rice (Cai Png) like a pro

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Typical economical rice in Singapore (Photo: Desiree Koh)

Economical rice, cai png (veg and rice in Hokkien) or some like to call it “point point rice” is a common dish that is found in almost every hawker centre, foodcourt or coffeeshop in Singapore.

Customers usually order around 3 to 4 sides (by pointing) to go with white rice and as its name suggest, they are usually very affordable ($3 – $5) and filling, making the stalls that sell them popular during lunch and dinner hours.

Like a Pro

While most of us don’t really pay attention and simply order away, here’s a quick food hack that might let you get a little more out of your economical rice dish.

First spotted on Facebook page called Lobang Siah, the post has since gone viral with over 2,000+ shares. Here’s the rundown if you can’t view the text in the image:

  • Order the meat dishes first. The person will not think that you are a cheapskate and will give you a larger portion.
  • When ordering, point at the dish as many times or as long as you can. The person will subconsciously give you more.
  • Don’t rush when ordering. Give the person some time to scoop your dish before pointing to the next dish. This is because if you are in a rush, the person will scoop a lesser portion and move on to the next dish.
  • Say 多一点饭 instead of 加饭. The person will probably give you more rice and not charge you.

Totally makes sense right?

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Besides the post, there are other useful tips from the public.

Perhaps the stall’s boss is also environmentally conscious.

We learn something new every day.

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