Xiaomi’s 4-litre Instant Hot Water Dispenser is now selling at just S$95 with free shipping & warranty

Hot water in 3, 2...

Let’s face it – boiling water for a hot cup of tea or coffee is just a complete waste of time.

Which is why Viomi (a sub-brand under Xiaomi) created this hot water dispenser that instantly heats up water to your desired temperature whenever you need it.

It also reduces heat and energy waste from boiling on the stove or electric kettle and removes the need to reboil water.

From 40 – 100 degrees

Users can also select temperatures in 10 – 15 degrees variations which are great for beverages such as hot lemonade, baby’s milk, green or black tea and coffee.

Other features include one-button heat up, child safety hot water button, and TDS water quality monitoring and timer via Mi Home app.

Qoo10 Sale

For a limited time, the Viomi 4L Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser is selling at just S$95 which is a steal as the same product is selling at ¥569 (~S$110) in Xiaomi China official website.

It also comes with free shipping and a month’s warranty from the seller.

Do note, however, the fulfilment date is on 22 October later this month, which means you need to wait around 2 weeks (at time of this writing) before they ship it due to high demand in China.

A limited quantity is available and while stocks last.

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