Jay Chou’s favourite milk tea Machi Machi (麥吉) opening in S’pore as early as Jan 2020

God of cheese tea in Taiwan

Taiwan’s god of cheese tea Machi Machi is coming to S’pore

Another famous bubble milk tea from Taiwan will be making its way into Singapore in early 2020 and it’s endorsed by Mandopop king Jay Chou.

Known as the god of cheese teas in the country, Machi Machi (麥吉) has announced they will be opening their first outlet in Singapore next month (Jan 2020), although the exact location hasn’t been revealed yet.

Machi Machi’s latte in a bottle series

What’s on their menu?

In Taiwan, Machi Machi has around 20 drinks on their menu and are mostly based on 5 tea varietals which include Oolong, Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) Black Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Four Seasons Tea (a.k.a. Alishan Oolong), and Ceylon.

The bubble tea chain which operates in Taiwan, London, Shanghai and Tokyo are known for their latte and cheese tea drinks.

They also have hot drinks on the menu, although we are not sure if they will be available in the Singapore outlet.

Elsewhere in Machi Machi Japan, their cheese tea comes with dango (Japanese dumplings) toppings.

They also come with adorable cup sleeves.

Besides the creamy drinks, Machi Machi also serves fruit-based teas and sodas according to their Taiwanese website.

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Looks delicious.

Jay Chou’s special appearance?

There are also media reports that Jay Chou will likely be making an appearance at the Singapore outlet on opening day which coincides with his concert here in January 2020.

Jay Chou fans, take note.

Machi Machi Singapore has also recently launched its Facebook page and is hiring managers and part-timers.

We will bring you more updates when the location is revealed. In the meantime, you can also join our Telegram channel so you get notified on our latest news.

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Machi Machi Singapore

Address: Somewhere central in Singapore
Opening Hours: TBA

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