Chap He Diam (杂货店) in Jurong West has $0.50 Snickers Bars, snacks and drinks from $0.29 & more

At MWC Recreation Centre

Here’s a minimart in Jurong worth checking out if you are looking to stock up drinks and snacks at home.

At ridiculously low prices.

Chap He Diam

Also known as 杂货店 in Chinese or Provision Shop, Chap He Diam is a minimart located along Soon Lee Rd which stocks food items, household products, an assortment of soft drinks, packet drinks, snacks and more.

Here’s how their shop looks like so you can find it when you are there.

Photo: Chap He Diam Facebook page

Looks more like a warehouse.

Affordable snacks & drinks

First spotted by Facebook page Singapore Atrium Sale, the store is having a sale on lots of items this week including Snickers Bars at just $0.50 each and Oishi snacks from $0.80.

There are also lots of drinks such as Coca-Cola, with prices from as low as $0.29 per packet/can.

Customers can also find vegetable oil going at just $8.80 per 5-litre bottle.

So cheap.

Member Prices

According to Singapore Atrium Sale, membership is free to sign up. Simply approach the cashier to register to get member prices on selected items in-store.

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Needless to say, everything in the store is while stocks last.

H/T: All photos by Singapore Atrium Sale with permission.

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Chap He Diam

Address: 51 Soon Lee Rd #01-51A Singapore 628088
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily

Nearest MRT Station: Pioneer (15min walk)

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