Truffle-flavoured LAY’S Potato Chips available at FairPrice supermarkets for $5.25 per bag

Flown in from Taiwan

The evasive Lay’s Truffle Potato Chips now available in S’pore supermarkets

Truffle potato chips are probably the most sought-after snacks on shelves in supermarkets since truffles are highly prized for their pungent aroma and flavour.

Lay’s Truffle Potato Chips

For those who are always on the lookout for new truffle-flavoured snacks, you might want to make a trip down to a FairPrice outlet near you to find the evasive Lay’s Truffle Potato chips.

They are reportedly available in S’pore priced at $5.25 a bag.

These truffle-flavoured Lay’s potato chips originated from Taiwan and according to snack lovers, the chips are evenly coated with a good amount of truffle aroma and are not too salty.

Another fan who has finally gotten it after a long wait says they are incredibly addictive.

The same chips are listed on FairPrice online store but have since sold out, so your best bet is to head on down to their stores to look for it.

Screengrab from FairPrice online store

According to the ingredients list, there’s no mention of truffle oil anywhere – perhaps Lay’s managed to find a way to recreate the truffle flavour through other ingredients?

Photo: FairPrice

Still worth trying though.

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