Coffee Bean offering Cookies & Cream Deluxe at $19.90 for 4, time to jio your Oreo Milkshake buddies

In-store exclusive

Coffee Bean slashes price on Cookies and Cream Deluxe, offers 4 of them for $19.90

Last week, Coffee Bean Singapore introduced a new drink – Cookies and Cream Deluxe.

According to Coffee Bean, it is a creamy vanilla drink, elevated with bits of chocolatey cookies. They have also confirmed they are using Oreo cookies to create the drink.

Coffee Bean S’pore launches new Cookies & Cream Ice Blended Drink that looks like an Oreo Milkshake

Which, in other words, means this is as close as you get to an Oreo Milkshake from Coffee Bean Singapore.

Here’s how the drink looks like IRL.

Photo: @alicewwp

Photo: @alicewwp

Sure looks yummy.

4 for $19.90 Promotion

Turns out they might have made it too pricey – it costs $8.80 for a small size cup and to make up for it, Coffee Bean is now offering 4 of them for only $19.90 for a limited time.

Which means you pay less than $5 per cup.

The offer is also an in-store exclusive available at all Coffee Bean stores islandwide, so start jio-ing your buddies/colleagues/family members who can’t resist Oreo Milkshakes along.

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