LAY’S Kobe Beef flavoured Potato Chips available in FairPrice outlets for S$3.80 per bag

Tastes like real steak

LAY’S Kobe Beef potato chips spotted at FairPrice outlets in S’pore

Popular snacks maker LAY’S is known for its unique potato chips flavours, many of them inspired by local flavours which include Spicy Hot Pot, Grilled Shrimp Seafood Sauce, Italian Red Meat and many more.

Imported from Taiwan

There’s a new flavour in town, brought to you by LAY’S Taiwan which explains the Chinese label on it – Kobe Thick Cut Steak.

It is available in FairPrice supermarkets and priced at $3.80 per bag (43g).

Photo: John Paul Zigterman on Facebook

Kobe beef is prized for its unparalleled levels of marbling from extraordinary care when raising in Japan, resulting in a rich buttery flavour unseen in other strains of beef.

Tastes like real steak

According to reviews online, it tastes close to a piece of juicy steak and has a mildly tangy and savoury flavour.

This isn’t the first time steak-flavoured potato chips have appeared in FairPrice. A while ago, wagyu-flavoured Ruffles (which also belongs to LAY’S) potato chips was spotted in FairPrice outlets but has since sold out.

It comes at a cheaper price of $1.80 for a 36g bag.

Only while stocks last so better head on down to hunt for it on your next grocery run at a FairPrice outlet near you if you are wondering how Kobe Beef potato chips taste like.

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