Cold Storage selling TERRA Blue Potato & Vegetable Chips for only $3.95 per bag till Aug 18

Cheap and good

Pick up TERRA potato and vegetable chips at less than $4 per bag at Cold Storage supermarkets this week

Time to pick up some snacks on your next grocery run at Cold Storage.

TERRA Potato & Vegetable Chips Offer

Available for a week till 18 August (Wed), Cold Storage is now having an offer on TERRA chips which includes the Blue Potato Chips and Vegetable Chips.

TERRA’s blue potatoes are sourced from the United States and are naturally blue, has a unique nutty flavour and contains no cholesterol, trans fat, artificial flavours or preservatives.

You can get them now along with TERRA’s assorted selection of vegetable chips at $3.95 per bag.

Photo: Great Deals Singapore

Other TERRA chip flavours to choose from include:

  • Exotic Vegetable Chips
  • Sweet Potato Sea Salt Vegetable Chips
  • Heritage Blend Sea Salt Vegetable Chips
  • Plain Sweet Potato Chips

They are great on their own or enjoy them with your favourite sauces and dips.

They normally cost $6.95 per bag without the promotion, which means you get around 43% off the usual price.

Definitely worth it.

Other Cold Storage Offers

Besides TERRA chips, there are a number of offers you might want to take note of while you’re shopping at Cold Storage.

They include:

  • Gouda Truffle Cheese (100g – 200g) at $7 per 100g
  • Driscoll’s Raspberries at $5.95 per punnet
  • Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch Whisky at $72
  • Cadbury Chocolates (150g – 180g) at $6.95 for 2
  • Dynamo Laundry Liquid Refillable Pouch 2.4/2.7kg at $19.90 for 3 packs
  • Moccona Instant Coffee 200g at $10.95
  • Samyang Instant Ramen (5-pack) at $6.20
  • Sea Change Wine (France) at $20 per bottle
  • Korea Musk Melon at $10.95
  • BBQ Wood-fired Chicken at $4.90

See below promotional images for more details.

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