FairPrice selling limited edition Pocky Watermelon Snack for $1.80 each, has a cooling effect on every bite

Perfect for hot summer weather

Limited edition Pocky Watermelon flavoured snack available in FairPrice outlets in S’pore

Love Pocky biscuit snacks? You might want to check out a FairPrice outlet near you to find this unique flavour.

Pocky ‘Watermelon’ Flavour

Our team spotted this limited edition Pocky Watermelon snack at the entrance to FairPrice Waterway Point (Punggol), selling at a store special of $1.80 per pack.

Photo: Great Deals Singapore

At the point of our visit, there are still quite a number of stocks available.

Photo: Great Deals Singapore

Made by Japanese snack maker Glico, the company is known for its Pocky biscuit sticks which comes with a creamy coating.

This limited-edition flavour is a summer release that offers a unique cooling effect, likely inspired by their tradition of having watermelons during the hot season in Japan.

Photo: Great Deals Singapore

We couldn’t find any cooling ingredients in the list that contribute to the cooling effect so it’s a bit of a mystery.

Photo: Great Deals Singapore

According to reviews on IG, the cooling effect is rather strong and lasting.

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The Pocky Watermelon snacks are also spotted in the Indonesian market earlier this month.

As for the biscuit sticks, it looks just like the strawberry flavoured ones with a pink coating.

Must try for Pocky snack lovers.

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