HK-famous Doll Brand Instant Noodle (公仔面) available for $3.65 per pack of 5 in FairPrice outlets

Hong Kong's favourite instant noodle brand

Doll brand instant noodles from HK now available in FairPrice outlets in S’pore

Travelling to Hong Kong for leisure is still a no-no for most since it doesn’t fall under the quarantine-free travel list, here’s a way to enjoy one of the favourite HK street foods here in Singapore.

Doll Brand Instant Noodle

Brought in by Seawaves Frozen Food, you can now find the hugely popular Doll Brand Instant Noodle (公仔面) at FairPrice which has been part of Hong Kong people’s lives for the past 4 decades.

There are quite a number of flavours available according to the official website:

  • Pickled Vegetable (原味冬菜)
  • Sesame Oil (麻油味)
  • Chicken (鸡蓉味)
  • Spicy Tonkotsu (香辣猪骨浓汤味)
  • Spicy Beef (劲辣牛肉)
  • Shrimp Wonton (虾肉云吞味)
  • Preserved Vegetable (茶餐厅雪菜味)
  • Cheese (芝士味)
  • Vegetarian (100%上素)

However, it’s not clear if all the flavours are available.

An online netizen spotted the instant noodles on sale in Jurong Point’s FairPrice outlet.

Photo: Jasmine Wong on Facebook

It is currently going at a promotional price of $3.65 per pack of 5.

Photo: Jasmine Wong on Facebook

Photo: Jasmine Wong on Facebook

The HK instant noodles dish is commonly enjoyed with luncheon meat, vegetables and a sunny-side-up egg.

Besides the instant noodles, dim sum lovers will also be able to find Doll brand frozen dim sum including Shrimp Wonton and Seafood Dumpling (Shao Mai) in FairPrice supermarkets.

Now you know where to get your HK supper and dim sum fix.

Only while stocks last.

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