Baseus has a $10 device that detects Spy or Hidden Cameras in hotel rooms that actually works

Cheap and useful

Quickly detect hidden cameras in your hotel room with this compact device

Going on a holiday overseas or staycation soon? Here’s a nifty gadget that will let you sleep better at night at your next hotel stay.

Baseus Camera Detector

Created by popular accessory maker Baseus, this pocket-sized device lets you check for hidden cameras in the room (or even public restrooms).

According to the description, it has a coloured lens that is powered by 4 LED light beads. It’s not clear how it exactly works but is likely used to detect infrared lights produced by pinhole or security cameras.

It also has a 5-metre detection radius so you can quickly scan your room and bathroom, although it might take a longer time if you have deeper pockets and choose to stay in larger hotel suites.

Baseus claims it can detect all kinds of cameras including pinhole types that are hidden in small places such as showerheads, hooks, power sockets and even pillows.

It can last up to 720 hours on a single full charge which means you won’t need to plug it in all the time during your trip or stay.

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Keep it hung on your bag or pocket with its compact and lightweight design.

There’s also a video from a customer review showing how it works exactly.

Definitely will come in handy.

Perhaps the best news is you can get the Baseus Camera Detector at an ultra-affordable price of just $9.40 each from online marketplace Shopee.

It might take a while to reach you since it ships from China so get it earlier before you go on your next vacation.

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