LAY’S Potato Chips with Thai Flavours selling for $2.80 in Sinopec, has Boat Noodles, Shrimp Tom Yum & more

Gotta try them all

LAY’S Potato Chips with flavours inspired by Thai dishes spotted in Sinopec petrol station

There’s a new range of potato chips to try, but it might take you a trip to the petrol station to find them.

Thai-inspired LAY’S Potato Chips

Snack lovers will probably be familiar with the LAY’S brand which is famous for its variety of flavours inspired by local dishes around the world. We spotted these LAY’S potato chips in Sinopec Yishun that look like they are imported from Thailand since the labels are all in Thai.

The flavours available include:

  • Boat Noodles Flavour
  • Grilled Seafood with Spicy Sauce
  • Shrimp Tom Yum Hot Pot Flavour

They are priced at $2.80 per pack and can be found in the snacks section of the store. Each bag has chips that weigh around 67g.

A Thai Instagrammer tried the Boat Noodles and Shrimp Tom Yum Hot Pot flavours and found them to taste quite close to the local favourites such as the salty, sweet and spicy Boat Noodles broth as well as the lemon and lemongrass Tom Yum flavours.

Must try for potato chip fans who can’t resist trying out the latest flavours in town.

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